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05-29-2006, 12:26 PM
A person come to a mall and ask for half KG of cheese.

Salesman repply there is only skeem for one Kg cheese, but person

dont agree and started argue...

after all sales man say " ok , i will tell you after disscusion with my


he go for his manager and say "A Stupid , ideat person want half Kg of

cheese..." and at that time the person come in and stand near him.

Salesman redirect his statement and point to that person and say "And

sir he is that Gentleman". :)

Manager solve his problem and call to salesman named John.

"Well John, ur this type of behaviour may create a problem to u.
But I impressed with ur Quick Decision. By the way from where you


"I m from Brazeel sir". Salesman repply.

"then why you left your native place?". Ask the manager.

"Becouse that place is only for prostitutes and football players."

"My wife is also from Brazeel". manager says. :mad:

"Very Good, then from which Team she was" Salesman's Quick Repply. :D