View Full Version : Soft drinks: Panel to clear bottlenecks

Deevyesh Tyagi
02-28-2006, 11:09 AM
NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court directed the Centre to set up an expert committee to examine whether there were chemical contents in the soft drinks that are hazardous to health.

Making it clear that the committee will not restrict itself to determining the pesticide content in softdrinks, a bench comprising Justice Ruma Pal and Justice Dalveer Bhandari said it would go into the broader question of examining chemical contents harmful to health.

When the attention was drawn by Additional Solicitor General Amrender Sharan that a committee has already been constituted to look into the pesticide content in soft drinks, the Bench said if such a committee exists then it would also go into the issue of chemicals used in the preparation of aerated drinks.

The Bench reminded that even the Joint Parliamentary Committee had only gone into the issue of permissible limit of pesticide contents in soft drinks.

The Court granted three weeks time to the parties to suggest the name of experts in this regard. It said that experts should have requisite qualification and should preferably have the background of chemical industry.