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12-28-2007, 01:16 PM
India is changing at a rapid pace, so are our lifestyles and social habbits. Shopping is in vouge and I personally feel deprived if I don't go shopping at least twice in a month. While in cities like Bangalore shopping malls are looming up both in downtown and outskirts, shop managers seem to be working out several strategies to draw customers. And one of them is to appoint attractive looking sales people - both men and women to manipulate the customers psychologically.

The Bangalore Times wrote today: "There is enough research evidence in retail to suggest that a certain degree of chemistry exists between the sexes."

The research further says "The man-woman chemistry is 100% with romantic love, 16% in work environment where there is no romantic involvement, 31% between a boss and a subbordinate of the opposite sex. In a buying-selling environment this chemistry between the sexes is about 8%."

"This is apparent from the fact that people are prone to listen longer and feel more excited about the product and purchase more if it's a member of the opposite sex they are relating to. This is why, in many retail chains across the globe, it's a sales person from the oppsite sex who walks up to serve the customer. And this is applicable to any customer aged between 14 and 80."

So that's what the research says. What's your take ? Let us know by replying to this thread and participating in the poll posted along with it.


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