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11-17-2007, 06:11 PM
Hello everyone.Im new to this forum.Im going to use this forum as a platform to express my ideas and viewpoints.Please feel free to comment on my essays.Il be delighted if you would discuss over my essays.

India,a country which has a vast number of culltures and religions,has a population close to 1.1 billion. Our country does not lack land area nor resources.Manpower is ample.But still,ours is a developing country with 25% of our population suffering in poverty. The major problem which led to the current state of our country can be put into one word.Corruption. This sole word has prevented India from being what it really should have been.Corruption is like an evil tree which has dreaded roots that suck resources from the soil for its own benefit.In our country's case, the tree consists of corrupt politicians and civil servants and the soil,our country itself. The common man in India knows that corruption is a curse which has befallen on the country.Yet he does not do anything about it. To a certain exten,he is powerless to do anything. The voices of individuals who stand up against corruption are often suppressed. However there is one voice which cant be suppressed that easily and that is the voice of the media.

Media reaches out to millions in an instani,in today's world. Mass awakening can be achieved through forms of media. But our media only appears occassionally in the war against corrruption. in today's capitalist society,media companies only concentrate on working towards maximum profits. Money,money,money!! That is all what most of our people want..

I have more to write but yet im stopping abruptly.If you usual users make me feel welcome,i shall continue writing my essays.. Expecting replies..Thank you!!


12-24-2007, 08:17 PM

I read your message only today as I am only two days old here. I wanted to tell you that we all are here to express our ideas and opinions here and we all are welcome to do so.

So , you are most welcome to write and read. You might wonder why you have not got many responses to your message. Even I can not tell you why. But I can say one thing - do not wait for responses and continue your writing. Let us hope we -you and I- get more readers and their responses in future.