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01-27-2007, 12:56 PM
Eleven girls dead in Gujarat school collapse

Saturday January 27, 11:55 AM
AHMEDABAD - Rescue teams on Saturday ended their search through the rubble of a school residence in the western Indian state of Gujarat, which collapsed killing 11 girls and injuring over a dozen, officials said.

Parts of a three-storey hostel belonging to the Adarsh Nivas school in Tichakpura village, 300 km south of the state's main city, Ahmedabad, came down on Friday, burying many students under mounds of rubble.

The residence was home to about 150 girls, mainly members of India's disadvantaged tribal communities, and 20 teachers.

"The building collapsed when the girls were playing in the dormitory," said A.T. Dave, a fire official.

The state government has ordered an inquiry and offered 100,000 rupees in compensation to the families of those who died.

One mother told that her daughter had warned of the risk of a collapse:

"I met my daughter, Tejal, on December 17. At that time she had told me that the school wall could fall anytime. I had asked her to stay in her room. We are poor and did not have an alternative," the woman, named only as Parvati, said.

What is the truth?
Is school authority responsible for it or it is just a misshappening?

05-19-2007, 03:51 PM
Its really pity for the families who have lost their members in the tragedy. By merely compensating them with money is of no use. The administration must step in to improve the condition of those structures which are at the verge of falling so there is no more loss of any precious life